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 What does Global Inventions Ltd do?


 Global Inventions Ltd is an international marketing organisation formed in 1994 creating and selling innovative products through major retailers in 38

 countries. Our customers include department stores, mail order companies, and importers, such as Boots (UK), Coles Myers  (Australia),

 Schneider (Germany), and Wal-Mart (USA).

 As of January 2015, we commercialised many inventions. We have associate offices in the UK, USA, Japan, India and Kenya.

 We are committed to becoming an important catalyst in the transformation of conceptual ideas from designers, inventors and students to successful

 products by selling them globally

 We specialize in high-volume, low-technology, innovative consumer products, such as audio, games, mobile phone, camera toys, watches, and the like.

 Our products typically retail for between US$5 and US$100 and nearly all are sold FOB HK


 What are your plans for 2016?

 We aspire to have 5 divisions in our company and each division will be specializing in marketing the unique ‘item’ with a twist. We wish to expand all

 the 5 divisions globally. Elaborating

 a)INVENTION  Selling inventions on global basis (38 countries) via retailers like Wal-Mart, etc since 1994                                                    

 b)CROWDFUNDING reward crowdfunding with a twist since July 2015. See link      

 c)ACCELERATOR  Furnishing all the normal services found in any accelerator, the main difference being to teach ‘Sell it before you build it’. Added to

 that, we will have a KIQS video(teaching students to be entrepreneurs) + KIQS platform (selling to big box retailers on wholesale basis)

 See link                                                      

 d)OPEN INNOVATION with a twist since Jan 2015 See link

 e)ANGEL INVESTMENT Quizzing if success rate in the silicon valley is less than 10% and ours is 95+%, which one is a sure bet ? See link                  

 NOTE  All these marketing models are based on one principle--“sell it before you build it” or in other words "run the last mile first


 What is your success rate of commercialising inventions?

 Our success rate is in excess of 95%+. It is high because we tread cautiously  After the inventor sending brief summary of invention and once our

 committee likes the invention(remember we reject 99 out of 100 submissions), we test the market with 30 of our top buyers. If the response is

 YES(say 20+ out of 30 like it), then we will license the invention. If the response is MAYBE(say 10-15 out of 30 like it), then we proceed with the

 rest of our potential 4,000 buyers + c/f and proceed accordingly.

 What successful products have you developed ?



 How long has your company been in business ?

 The company was formed in 1994.


 Are any of your products in department stores and mail order catalogues?

 Please see  a few of our items  in  OUR GLOBAL CUSTOMERS  folder. Over 95% + of our sales  encompassing 106 + products are sold to department

 stores, mail order companies and importers, etc in 38 countries. The rest are sold to the premium and promotional sector, etc


 What makes your company unique from other businesses that represent inventors?

 We sell directly to major retailers, mail order companies, importers, in over 38 countries, mostly on FOB HK basis. Our services to designers,    

 inventors and students are Marketing (Global), Manufacturing (in China) and Money(all the finances involved in executing orders are in-house)

 + helping crowd funding campaigners + liaising with investors in USA, UK, etc


 Are there any up-front fees that your company charges?

 Pre December 1 2016, we never charged inventors up-front. This resulted in lots of abuse. Post December 1 2016, when you submit the

 invention for the first time, it is free of charge. Then, we will reply with our opinion YES NO MAYBE. If YES, we will commercialize it. If NO, we

 will politely say no. For MAYBE, we will validate with our 30 buyers and later with our 4,000 potential buyers, then one-time cost is U$

 495/invention. In most cases, we will further validate it via crowd funding on either KS or IGG. Note, this does not guarantee success of your invention.


  What types of inventions do you generally look for?

 High-volume, low-tech innovative consumer products. Something that can retail for between U$ 5 to U$ 100. To name a few product categories

 are As Seen On TV, automotive/garage, bed/bath, consumer items, electronics, design, games, garden/outdoors, household, kids,

 kitchen/dining, mobile phones/ accessories, personal care, pets, photography, sports, technology, travel, watches, etc. We may make

 exceptions to other product categories  on rare occasion  


 Do I need to file a patent application, or have a granted patent before submitting my invention?

 We never get involved in this issue. It is the sole responsibility of the designers / inventors / students to manage their intellectual property.

 We do not help or provide advice to inventors wishing to protect their ideas.


 Would GI HK sign NDA ?

 We have a copy of our own NDA which we will sign. Whilst GI will make every reasonable effort to look after and safeguard any property including

 pre-production sample, prototype, drawings, etc supplied by the inventor(s) for assisting the promotion of the invention, it is not possible for GI to

 accept responsibility for such property. The main reasons are that we have to show the idea/prototype to third parties like mould makers,

 manufacturers, etc and they cannot understand English, let alone signing NDA. However, we assure you that we will not copy the idea/invention. 

 However, it is in our interest that no other company copy the invention to avoid  unnecessary 'competition'


 Do I need to have a working prototype ?

 The simple answer is yes. It makes it easier for us to show the prototype to our buyers whilst we are in pre-selling mode + to show to our engineers in

 China. However, in some special cases, we will invest time and money to produce a working prototype if we think the invention  has adequate potential.  


 How long will it take for a reply after I submit my invention?

 At most times,  a) within 2-3 weeks after submitting your initial submission  b) 2-3 months after it has been selected by our buyers


  How long will it take before I receive royalties once my invention has been accepted by Global Inventions?

 Once the board of advisors has accepted your invention, please note that it takes approximately 3 months to get the tooling prepared. Remember that

 our buyers are not 'spot' buyers. They generally buy 6-12 months 'in advance'. The buyers have two buying seasons

 1) Main buying season is between Sept-Dec for goods to be delivered next year(80% of buying is done in this period)

 2) Secondary one is between March-April for the forthcoming Xmas season(20% of buying done in this period)

 So, the period before you receive any royalties can easily be 4-12 months or more after our committee accepts your idea.


 Does your company require an exclusive distribution agreement?

 Yes if we pay for the tooling, etc. for 3 years. The agreement is non-exclusive if you are paying for the tooling.


 Will you buy my invention outright upfront?

 In most cases, the answer is no


 What happens if you decide not to pursue my invention, but I still wish to proceed and am prepared to pay for the tooling

 We can help you to make the tooling. Remember, we are neither a manufacturer nor a mould maker.  We can also assist you with

 marketing the product on non-exclusive basis.


 Do you ever guarantee to an inventor the quantity you will sell if you decide to market his/her invention ?

 The simple answer is NO. It depends on market forces. However, we do guarantee that we will offer that invention to our potential

 4,000 customers. From December 2016, in certain cases, we will request the inventor to crowd fund on KS or IGG to validate her/his invention


 What are the financial arrangements with an inventor

 We collaborate giving 3 options

 ROYALTIES  It is 5% of net sales generated from selling the invention which works out approximately 20% of the gross profit

 PROFIT SHARING  If an inventor pays for the development costs(mould/certification/masking the chip if relevant, etc), then the profit is

 shared 50 %- 50 %  inventor--ourselves

 EQUITY PARTICIPATION IN THE COMPANY With the right terms for both parties, we will participate hands-on and take an equity in the company


 What are your plans for 2017 ?

 1)We will open an office in Cambridge and Oxford U.K. during 2017

 2)We started with KIQS our own accelerator in Shenzhen, China. KIQS is an unique start-up/ crowdfunding accelerator with a twist where we

 convert students/'wannabe' person into an enterpreneur/businessperson based on our 22 years experience in HK/China

 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about our company & commercial process




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