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 Global Inventions Ltd is one of HK’s leading marketer of mass market ‘high volume, low tech’ innovative products. We will open a

 Cambridge R&D office to further expand our award winning R&D activities. The initial aim is to establish links with companies and  

 universities in Cambridge and throughout UK, to identify and develop pioneering technologies for next generation products/

 mobile apps and building companies to scale them up to IPO stage.


 Our general message is simple. We work with inventors, product developers, etc bringing our forte of 3M, elaborating


 a)Marketing innovative products via big-box retailers like Boots, Tesco, etc in 38 countries on FOB HK/China basis with our

 emphasizes on ‘high volume, low tech’ or sometimes called mass market inventions/ mobile applications (a few examples

 shown in the attached catalogue)

 b)Manufacturing (in China)

 c)Money to finance the project

 d)Also, we bring China (as a conduit to manufacturers in China + domestic market in China) + our policy of ‘sell it before you build it’

 to the table.


 For your information, we will establish a new office in Cambridge on 1st March 2017, most likely at St. John’s Innovation Centre, the

 main reasons being we will seek companies who need our forte of 3M (marketing(in 38 countries) + manufacturing(in China) +

 money(to finance your project)) + affiliates who want to collaborate with us + a few more reasons. Our UK business will

 supplement our HK business. Our new UK business will focus during 2017 in following market segments


 CROSS-FERTILISATION                      R&D (OUR OWN          BEING AN          OUR OWN               WEBSITE + TV        C/FUND

 (INCL 3rd PARTY INVENTION)          INVENTION)                 ANGEL                ACCELERATOR        TV PROGRAM

            50%                                                  10%                             10%                       10%                           10%                    10%


 In short, like any tree, we, as HK GIobal Inventions Ltd, are proposing to be a root + trunk and we wish to build(are already building)

 many branches on our UK tree.




 In Cambridge, we will replicate many projects mentioned below that we do in HK since 1994. We will also appoint affiliates (KP) in

 different cities of UK and their role will be the same as our Cambridge office. Below list is general as it addresses to angels, business

 consultants, product developers, professors, etc who either need our forte of 3M or want to collaborate with us as an affiliate (KP) 

 We have been in touch with Cambridge Consultants, Cambridge Design Partnership, Design Edge, Innovia Technology, PA Consulting,

 Team Consulting, etc. The projects we do in HK are


 a)We are seeking mass market inventions/mobile apps to market on global basis via big-box retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Tesco,

 etc all on FOB HK/China basis.

 b)We are seeking affiliates to represent us in various cities of UK and they will replicate many points that we will do in Cambridge

 and are doing in HK/China.

 c)We will do ‘Startup cross-fertilisation’ business with other UK companies who need our forte of 3M which is marketing(selling in

 38 countries) + manufacturing(China) + money(financing the project)  

 d)We like to do R&D regarding a few of our own projects, 3 of them being A12, TE21 and TE22. Excel sheets are available if requested.

 Also, you may see LINK  

 e)In some scalable business cases, we will act/have acted as an angel, taking an equity provided we can market the invention.

 f)We may replicate an accelerator that we are running successfully in Shenzhen, China converting students, crowd funders, etc

 into entrepreneurs/businessperson.

 g)We like to expand networking with UK angels in addition to what we have in HK/California. See LINK

 h)We like to make a website + a TV program(one hour/a week) similar to ‘University Challenge’ in the past, helping students from UK  

 universities to brainstorm, Global Inventions HK providing 3M, holding a competition, giving awards + royalties when we

 commercialize an invention, making win-win for all parties involved. We may call the project  ‘Student’s Den’.

 i)Global Inventions HK is not an UK registered company and do not supply goods from an UK warehouse.  However, we are

 presenting a situation where, if need be, we can bring our own family UK pharmaceutical wholesaling company with UK national

 distribution to customers like Boots, NHS, Unichem, etc

 j)CHINA MANUFACTURERS We are presenting a situation where we can bring many Chinese manufacturers at your doorstep. We

 have done many OEM projects with these companies. For example, Joseph Ko of Sunpet Industries Ltd, HK  

 k)CHINA/INDIA DOMESTIC MARKETS  We also sell a few finished innovative items in China/India domestic markets. Though we are

 new, but it is a growing market segment for us.

 l)Supporter of several crowd funders at KS/IGG helping them to market on a global basis + assist in manufacturing + financing.


 m)Active in taking selected inventor’s invention to angels seeking extra funds and possibly to IPO stage. We have 2 products in

 progress namely (a)Go-key where Hugo collected U$ 1,200,000 + (b) Hugo of Cypheme

 n)CHINA/INDIA START-UPS SCENE We invest in China/India start-ups which is a growing and important part of our company. In the

 past, we could compare the market as a triangle of silicon valley/Bangalore/HK. In 2017, we want to make a rectangle of

 silicon valley/ Bangalore/ HK/ Cambridge


 We are sure you will note that all above mentioned points are driven by our forte of 3M


 In short, like any tree, we, as HK GI, are proposing to be a root + trunk and we wish to build(already building) many branches on

 our UK tree. In case of collaboration, we see our role as a manufacturer + marketer + ‘indirect’ investor, etc.  We also elaborate that

 one needs 3M (marketing(38 countries) + manufacturing(China) + money to take an idea to the marketplace and that is our forte